Windows Desktop
as a service

Appserv serves your IT environment into your business on a subscription basis meaning greater reliability, security and consistency across your business.

Your entire Operating Environment is delivered to your users as a service. It is based on a Microsoft Windows Desktop with Microsoft Office, Email and web browsing integrated with your specific business applications (such as accounting, payroll, CRM and ERP).

This means that your complete IT solution is delivered as a service at a fixed monthly price.

  • No capital investment in core IT infrastructure
  • Predictability of clearly identifiable costs
  • Variable costs that adjust to the size of your business; supporting growth and facilitating change
  • Flexibility to add users or locations, change users settings or even the Standard Operating Environment as your business needs change
  • 24/7 support from the Appserv IT support team
  • Independent advice on which applications, telecommunications services and user equipment will work best for your business
  • A secure system that will keep your data safe and your business running at a lower cost and with less hassle than on-premise infrastructure

Telephony as a service

Rather than having to worry about fixed lines, telephone companies and PABX’s - Appserv can deliver your business’ phone system via the same Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure that we use to serve your IT environment into your business.

This means that all you have are the telephone handsets, we look after the rest.

With Appserv managing your IT and telephony environments, duplication of

management and support overheads for IT and telephony in your business are removed at a stroke.

You benefit from reduced overheads and expert advice to better co-ordinate desktop and telephony applications as these technologies continue to integrate.

The telecommunications market is undergoing radical change with call costs reducing substantially with competition.

Networks are migrating from legacy “PSTN” (Public Switched Telephone Network) to “IP” (Internet Protocol). Both of these changes will provide opportunity for new services and reduced costs. An integral part of Appserv’s telephony service is our objective advice and assistance for managing these changes for best advantage.

Shared Computer Activation
(SCA) Program

What is Shared Computer Activation (SCA) for Office 365 ProPlus?

In September 2014, Microsoft enabled Shared Computer Activation (SCA) mode in Office 365 so that multiple Office 365 ProPlus users can share the same hardware in the following three scenarios:

  • Customer dedicated self-hosted (on-premise)
  • Dedicated third-party hosted
  • Windows Azure environment

What Office versions support Shared Computer Activation?

Shared Computer Activation mode works with enterprise versions of Office 365 (ProPlus and E3).

Benefits of Shared Computer Activation for Office 365 ProPlus

The main outcome of SCA for Office 365 ProPlus is that it gives customers choice and flexibility. SCA allows customers to take advantage of existing Office 365 ProPlus licensing investments when deploying to the cloud.

Customers are able to make a deployment choice between on-premises and any authorized Service Providers’ shared datacenter to help lower cloud infrastructure costs by letting Appserv use your existing Office 365 ProPlus licenses.

You can work with Appserv to take advantage of SCA for Office 365 ProPlus. Appserv is an approved SCA for Office 365 ProPlus Program provider, allowing us to deploy your eligible Office 365 ProPlus licenses to your chosen cloud infrastructure solution.

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